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Unità Flash 256 GB

Marca: Integral Codice articolo: FD256GBFUS30 Codice EAN: 5055288444270

Unità Flash 256 GB

Nedis Number: FD256GBFUS3.0 Codice Fornitore: INFD256GBFUS3.0
Codice EAN: 5055288444270
Don't put your data or USB ports at risk with clunky and awkward drives that are more likely to be knocked. The Integral Fusion range of USB Flash Drives is the ideal ‘leave-in' solution: a low profile, reliable drive that you will barely notice attached to your device for long stretches of time. The fast USB 3.0 hardware inside the small 21mm casing creates a perfect mix of performance and convenience.

• Fusion 3.0 is only a tiny 21 x 12 x 4.5 mm and is a fantastic 'leave in' USB solution.
• Can remain in a laptop or netbook's USB socket without getting in the way in general use or getting knocked and causing damaged to the USB port
• Keeps the 'clean' look of flat-screen TVs or tablet PC's when plugged in
• Ideal for home media and in-car use
• Spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying your content
• Ideal for large files, HD movies, backups and upgrading PC systems
• Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 systems
• Great accessory for a new Ultrabook with USB 3.0 connectivity

• Low-profile metal casing • Smallest USB Flash Drive in the Integral range • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hardware • Read speed up to 210 MB/s*, and a Write speed up to 100 MB/s* • USB 3.0 works in USB 2.0 compatible computers (at USB 2.0 transfer speed) • PC and Mac compatible • 2 year warranty

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Specifiche del prodotto

Colore Argento
Contenuti 1 pz.
Versione OS MacOS
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Altezza 21 mm
Larghezza 12 mm
Interfaccia USB 3.0
Capacità di memoria 256 GB
Collegamento USB 3.0
Velocità di scrittura 100 MB/s
Peso 3 g
Profondità 4.5 mm
Velocità di lettura 210 MB/s

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