HDMI 4K Extender 300 m

Marca: Aten Codice articolo: VE883K1ATG Codice EAN: 4719264646256

HDMI 4K Extender 300 m

Nedis Number: VE883K1-AT-G Codice Fornitore: VE883K1-AT-G
Codice EAN: 4719264646256
The VE883 is a fiber-based extender designed to extend uncompressed 4K signal up to 300 m (using VE883K1) or 10 km (using VE883K2) over duplex fiber optic cables. The VE883 meets HDMI Specifications, including 3D, Deep Color (up to 12 bit), and signaling rates (up to 10.2 Gb) to ensure superior video quality. With ATEN’s exclusive FarSmooth technology, the VE883 prevents lagging and freezing by matching the output rates to the input rates and ensures the video display is stable, smooth and identical to the source, particularly in long-distance extension applications where uninterrupted video streams are required. The VE883 features an HDMI input and output, analog audio input and output, USB2.0, IR, RS-232 control port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. For point-to-point extension, the VE883 can receive fiber optic cables by inserting SFP+ modules to its optic port. To avoid bulky cable setup, the VE883 guarantees a simple and fast solution for optimum transmission of Ethernet, IR, HDMI, RS-232, and USB signals up to 10 km simply via a set of duplex optic fiber. The VE883 is also USB transparent, making it compatible with a wide range of USB peripherals. Engineered to meet the latest trend of lossless 4K and long distance signal extension, VE883 is suitable for where long distance transmission is a must and little interference is allowed, such as in traffic station and modern office buildings.

Extends HDMI video, stereo audio, IR, RS-232 control, and Ethernet signals over duplex fiber optic cabling Supports ultra long distance transmission up to 300 m* Supports lossless 4K video up to 4096 x 2160 / 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz (4:2:0) Supports USB 2.0, with a maximal transfer rate of 25Mbps

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Contenuto della confezione

VE883T 4K HDMI Optical Transmitter
VE883R 4K HDMI Optical Receiver
2x Power Adapters
2x Terminal Block 3 Pole
2x Terminal Block 5 Pole
IR Receiver
IR Emitter
USB Cable
2x HDMI LockPro
2x SFP Modules
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Specifiche del prodotto

Colore Nero
Materiale esterno Metallo
Controllo Funzioni Telecomando
Tipo di dispositivo elettronico HDMI
Tipo di dispositivo Extender
Uscita ricevitore 1x Uscita HDMI
1x USB A Femmina
1x RJ45 Femmina
1x Blocco Terminale a 5 Poli
1x RS-232
1x Ricevitore IR
Ingresso trasmettitore 1x Ingresso HDMI
1x USB B Femmina
1x RJ45 Femmina
1x RS-232
1x Micro USB B Femmina
1x Blocco Terminale a 5 Poli
1x Ricevitore IR
Ingresso collegamenti 1x USB
1x RJ45
1x RS232
1x HDMI®
2x Micro USB
Uscita collegamento 1x USB
1x HDMI®
1x RJ45
1x RS232
Data rate 10.2 Gbps
Versione HDCP Compatibile con HDCP 2.2
Ports 1-Port
Risoluzione massima 4K
Versione 4K
Uscita trasmettitore 1 x Duplex Fibra Ottica
Ingresso ricevitore 1x Micro USB B Femmina
1 x Duplex Fibra Ottica

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