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AKIT21 Duster Kit QX6, QX7, QX8.2, QX9

Marca: AEG Codice articolo: 9009233595 Codice EAN: 7319599038220

AKIT21 Duster Kit QX6, QX7, QX8.2, QX9

Nedis Number: 9009233595 Codice Fornitore: AKIT21
Codice EAN: 7319599038220
Suction powered dusting for effortless cleaning
Eliminate fine dust from you home without the risk of lifting it into the air.
No scratch guarantee enables you to clean even the most delicate surfaces in your home.
Reach behind objects with the super bendable design for effortless cleaning experience.

Minimal dust re-emission into air
Clean with peace in mind
Suction power together with static electricity effectively removes dust with minimal dust re-emission into the air.
Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Easy reach

The duster nozzle is very flexible for easy reach behind and around objects without having to lift them up.
The telescopic tube adds the extra reach and freedom while cleaning.

No scratch Guarantee

Duster fluffy cover is extremely gentle to all surfaces.
The bendable design adds flexibility and allows you to clean the most fragile and delicate items in your home.
Clean computer screens, plant leaves and other delicate surfaces with piece of mind.

Secure cleaning

No risk of losing any valuables
Duster does not allow any items to be sucked into the air stream of your vacuum cleaner.
This feature allows you to clean jewelry boxes, toys and Legos without the risk of losing any items. 

Washable covers

Easy cleaning

The duster covers are washable and the duster kit comes with one extra cover in the package.
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Contenuto della confezione

1x feather duster
1x flexible hose

Specifiche del prodotto

Colore Nero
Profondità 60 mm
Peso 550 g
Larghezza 140 mm
Altezza 295 mm

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